• Dr. Deli's products are foods for a healthy balanced diet
  • Do not contain added salts and are trans-fat free
  • Seed and cereal bars and seed mixes are suitable for celiacs as they are gluten-free
  • Seed and cereal bars and seed mixes can also be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding periods
  • Are suitable for vegans because their ingredients are from plant source
  • The ingredients of Dr. Deli's functional products do not have any sedative-hypnotic effect, so they do not cause increased need for sleep
  • Dr. Deli's foods are healthy and are in addition to any vitamin supplements being taken
  • As they are natural, healthy, functional and rich, they do not develop tolerance or addiction
  • Are sold in all pharmacies since they are synonymous with health and prevention

  • Dr. Deli introduces a full range of functional products to improve our health and lower the risk for diseases

  • There is a global trend for pharmacies taking over the commercialization of functional foods. Pharmacies are the right place as they are synonymous with health and prevention.
  • The pharmacist is qualified to be the "recommender" for functional foods, and the pharmacy is gradually recovering the gondola shelving for foods, herbal products and dietary products
  • Coeliacs and vegans demand a nutrition space for their needs to be taken into account.
  • The pharmacy has become an important point for closeness where patient daily issues are sorted out not only at a pharmaceutical level, but also at a nutritional level.
  • A "green corner" inside a pharmacy is now demanded by the public.

  • For all these reasons, Dr. Deli introduces a full range of functional products and goes along with pharmacies in these new global trends.

     1. Bars Slow Intestinal Transit  4. Drinks Slow Intestinal Transit  7. Mixes Slow Intestinal Transit
     2. Bars Cholesterol  5. Drinks Cholesterol  8. Mixes Cholesterol
     3. Bars Energy  6. Drinks Energy  9. Mixes Energy
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