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Privacy Policy / Privacy

Doctor Deli S.A. is committed to a policy of confidentiality in order to protect the privacy of personal information collected through its online services.

Confidentiality Standards detailed below may be future changes, which are advised to check them periodically.

Type of information obtained. It is under the rules of confidentiality / privacy all personal information that you voluntarily enter our network during the registration service and other occasions such as contests, purchases, consultation, counseling, etc.

Purpose to be given to information. Personal data or queries contained confidential information, are used to provide the user with a personalized service according to your needs, where appropriate, providing targeted advertising or content that can reach be of interest, if the user indicated to receive.

What are Cookies? Cookies are small pieces of information transferred by the Web site from the hard disk of the user's computer, which record your personal data when connected to service and modified to leave the service. Cookies are anonymous.

Access to information through cookies, allows the user to provide a personalized service by storing not only personal data but also the frequency of use of the services and sections of the visited network, reflecting their habits and preferences.

Accepting cookies is required in order to receive and / or use our service.

Ad networks that insert ads into our site may also use their own cookies.

Confidentiality of Information. Doctor Deli S.A. do not share confidential information with anyone unless you have express permission of those who signed up, or when it has been required by court order or legal, or to protect property rights or other rights of Doctor Deli S.A. Doctor Deli S.A. do not sell or rent user information. If the user's personal data should be shared with business partners or sponsors, you will be notified before they are picked up or transferred. If you do not want your data to be shared, you can choose not to use a particular service or not to participate in certain promotions or contests.
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